As print specialists who produce lots of unique business cards, Thikit sees thousands upon thousands of creative designs come through their shop. Thikit chose to highlight a dozen brands that stood out for their bold, typographic designs.  Hello Poolside was among them.  Hello Poolside's interview is below.  Click here to read the entire article.


Cardholder: Jayson Miller, Co-Founder, Hello Poolside

Designer: Rachel Rodriguez, Co-Founder, Market Creative Agency

About the business:

Jayson: My wife and I lived in Hawaii for a number of years, and we both grew up in the Southeast. We moved back to Florida, and the impetus for the business was to bring back a little bit of what we loved about being in Hawaii, to bring back products that would remind us and others of times that they had there. Our focus is on beach, bath and home goods, and our launch line will be a set of Turkish towels.

About the designer:

Rachel: My husband and I started Creative Pile in 2011; we are now Market Creative Agency, a full-service creative agency in Cave Creek, Arizona.

What is being communicated:

Jayson: We really wanted a simple, and elegant refined beach aesthetic. Something that was minimalist, kind of clean, and clear, but also elevated the brand from being a day-to-day value-oriented brand. That drove us to the brand decisions we made: we chose a color palette that was a bit sophisticated, kind of a deeper blue. With the logo, we’re blending that sophisticated color palette with something a little more novel. It implies a certain level of accessibility, but it’s still unique and nice.

Rachel: When they explained their brand to us, they told us that they want people to find a little luxury in everyday things that they do.

Finding that in card:

Jayson: We wanted the card to be not too over the top (because that contrasts with accessibility), but we also wanted a premium look and feel to capture that luxury component. The thicker business cards with metallic silver edges helped us find that unique middle point: distinctive, unique and being a more quality brand.

Rachel: We wanted something that would make people say, “wow, this is a cool card!” It starts a conversation and shows the quality. Our existing printer didn’t have anything higher than 15 point cardstock, so we ordered a sample pack from Thikit. We printed our own business cards on them too, and wanted to get a feel for the quality and get the feedback from our own clients handing them out.

How people like them:
Rachel: We printed our own business cards on Thikit, and I always get a “wow” because of the thickness and quality.